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March 26 2015


Comprehensive analysis of calcium carbide industry

Domestic calcium carbide prices fell sharply in October,2013 , average factory price of domestic enterprises in early 2916 Yuan / ton, the average factory price of domestic enterprises at the end of 2753.33 Yuan / ton, down 5.58 percent overall .
Market analysis
Product: an adequate supply of calcium carbide market in October, 2013, the market trading was light, demand is still not good, and the prices fell sharply;
Chain : Upstream Related Products coke , coke market prices relatively stable , Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Shanxi and other places to make up policy so that the local electric companies operating rate higher calcium carbide ; downstream PVC market fell slightly, enterprises underemployment , downstream trichlorethylene prices fell slightly , the overall market demand is poor.
Market outlook forecast :BouLing Chemical Co., Limited   experts predict due to domestic calcium carbide excess capacity, and downstream PVC, trichloroethylene market downturn, calcium carbide market next week will be weaken. Experts predict
Industry Status
China calcium carbide industry as a basic industry has a long history, according to the National Bureau of Statistics data show that in 1990 Chinese production was 2.28 million tons of calcium carbide, calcium carbide production in China in 2002 reached 4.25 million tons, in 2003 jumped to 5.38 million tons. From 1990 to 2005 these 15 years, calcium carbide production in 2005 was about four times in 1990, production reached 8.95 million tons, up 34% over 2004.
2004 calcium carbide industry, huge profits, induced expansion growth industry. Then calcium carbide industry began a grim situation, caught between the survivals of hard journey. While overall investment in China's chemical industry continue to maintain high growth momentum, but the calcium carbide industry's overall competitiveness and ability to fight against risk is still low, excess capacity, low level of technology , environmental pollution , high energy consumption , and even transportation risks and so become a constraint industry development bottleneck.
From 2005 Annual calcium carbide industry statistics, domestic production was 8.95 million tons of calcium carbide totals, compared to 2004 increased by up to 34 %, while the downstream industry PVC production growth rate was 32.29%, overcapacity contradictions further exacerbated the trend. Calcium carbide industry to become a production capacity, production continued to grow, rising costs, sales and marketing industry has been repeatedly suppressed.
The market price
2004 was the heyday of China calcium carbide  industry development; the market price once reached 3400 Yuan/ton. From 2000 to 2004, China's calcium carbide industry along with the great development of domestic PVC industry appeared a golden growth stage of the calcium carbide production scale larger manufacturers jumped to more than four hundred, including production capacity in more than 50000 tons/year 40-50 or so, as for the scattered all over the country backward technology, small capacity of non-standard carbide production enterprises are difficult to count, one of the largest manufacturers, production capacity has reached 300000 tons/year, the smallest is less than 10000 tons/year. Manufacturers are mainly distributed in the power generation capacity is concentrated, lime and calcium carbide production raw material blue carbon resources is rich in the northwest, north China and other regions. Also it is because the calcium carbide prices in 2004, as a direct result of 05 production soared, expansion speed, the consequence is that the price will fall. <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml><w:worddocument><w:browserlevel>MicrosoftInternetExplorer4</w:browserlevel><w:displayhorizontaldrawinggridevery>0</w:displayhorizontaldrawinggridevery><w:displayverticaldrawinggridevery>2</w:displayverticaldrawinggridevery><w:documentkind>DocumentNotSpecified</w:documentkind><w:drawinggridverticalspacing>7.8</w:drawinggridverticalspacing><w:view>Normal</w:view><w:compatibility><w:dontgrowautofit/><w:balancesinglebytedoublebytewidth/><w:donotexpandshiftreturn/><w:usefelayout/></w:compatibility><w:zoom>0</w:zoom></w:worddocument></xml><![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]><xml><w:latentstyles deflockedstate="false" defunhidewhenused="true" defsemihidden="true" defqformat="false" defpriority="99" latentstylecount="260" > </w:latentstyles></xml><![endif]-->

China Market Analysis of Column chromatography silica gel

Column chromatography silica gel is a solid characteristic of a colloidal system; the structure is formed by aggregation of colloidal particles having. Colloidal particles are hydrated silica (polysilicic acid), polycondensates are amorphous substances. Clearance by the colloidal particles aggregate to form the reagent column chromatography silica gel particles inside the micro- pore structure. Thus, it is a rich pore structure, high surface area, high purity, and high -quality active adsorbent material.
Column chromatography silica gel adsorption properties depend on the materials in the production process of the silica porous structure is formed and the inner surface of the hole. Therefore, in the production process should first focus on raw material - crude hole quality Silica preferred.
The product is stable pore structure mainly high-quality silicone raw materials prepared from refined and processed , because of its component adsorption of different substances on the retention time of the different materials can make a variety of substances to achieve separation and purification purposes.
1, the mixed material through the different components of the difference between the adsorption retention time; achieve the purpose of separation and purification.
2, has good thermal stability and chemical stability; from the multi- component solution is selectively adsorbed component purified isomers.
3, the election transparent high-quality silicone, excellent adsorption properties of nature, as well as structurally similar isomers are ideal separation function
1, the silica gel is mainly used for removal of aromatic substances of refined petroleum products and other organic gases, liquids selective adsorption separation in the chemical industry as catalyst carrier.
2, has also been used as raw materials or for chromatographic carrier body herbal active ingredients in the separation, purification and preparation of high-purity substances.
3, used in medicine, pesticides, herbs, oils, law review analysis, food, environmental monitoring and other fields.
China Market Analysis of Column chromatography silica gel
The global financial crisis has had on China's pillar layer silicone tube industry poses a serious challenge to stimulate economic growth in the context of accelerated column layer silicone tube industry industrial transformation and upgrading, column chromatography silica gel cork conducive to resolve the adverse effects of the financial crisis, and the realization of China's pillar layer silicone tube from a Major industry pillar layer silicone tube industry power shift.
Column chromatography silica gel  by our domestic and international economic situation, industry influence is global, suffered the impact is unprecedented. However, column chromatography silica gel industry, there is also the opportunity for the crisis , just seize the development opportunity, timely elimination of outdated products, backward technology and backward production capacity, to achieve industrial transformation and upgrading, will be able to calmly.
At present, China is actively expanding domestic demand, and will accelerate the implementation of major infrastructure construction in the construction, start as soon as a group are conducive to enhancing the economic development potential of large-scale projects , and increase efforts to support the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment and key projects. Meanwhile, the silicone industry in advancing column layer construction of key projects, it will further increase the proportion of domestic equipment purchases.
Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd. provides column chromatography Silica gel at reasonable price, good quality and is a trusted brand. We use advanced technology and processes, innovation, production-class products and provide excellent service to reach both sides win.

March 05 2015


the problem of Surfactant should be noted

Surfactant should be noted that the problem
( 1 ) surfactants are usually different chain length homologues mixture of surfactants with various other chemical products is that there is little surfactant products pure single molecular structure , mostly prepared by a mixture of different chain lengths homologues , the main raw materials derived from petroleum surfactants or oil , the oil is a mixture of various hydrocarbons , esters of fatty acids with glycerol various oils are also formed , the surface active agent is also made ​​of a mixture of products .Such as soap is actually sodium stearate, sodium palmitate , sodium laurate , oleate mixture of various salts of fatty acids , and fatty alcohol ethoxylates not only raw material is a mixture of fatty alcohols with different carbon chain lengths , and add ethylene vinyl rot number is different , so the product is not a variety of alcohols , mixtures of different ethylene oxide adduct i representing the proportion of the various components of the mixture has a great influence on the nature of the surfactant .
( 2 ) Effect on other components in the detergent surfactant
The presence of detergent formulations of organic and inorganic salts of fatty alcohols and other polar water-soluble polymer has the nature of the surfactant will greatly influence the performance of their specific surface tension of surfactant solution , the critical micelle concentration and emulsification, solubilization, foaming foam stabilizing properties change as a result of the composition and interaction between the surfactant molecules .
General surfactant industry products almost inevitably contains a small amount is not separated by product and raw materials, but these organic impurities often greatly influence on the nature of the surfactant solution, such as anionic surfactant fatty alcohol sulfate sodium fatty alcohol reaction often contain not fully in the raw material, it has a great influence on the surface active agent of the above performance and show the longer the hydrocarbon chain the greater the influence law of fatty alcohols. And some of the material as additive added to the factory in detergent formulation such as anionic surfactant C16H330SO3Na almost insoluble in water at room temperature, but if add urea in formula and N - methyl ethyl amide (CH3CONHCH3) or dimethyl benzene sulfonic acid sodium, its solubility in water increased significantly. So in detergent to join all kinds of washing auxiliaries and additives to improve the performance of the surfactant.
Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Co.,Ltd is a high-tech, share-holding enterprise, which is engaged in development, production & business operation, technical service and project design of fine chemicals. 
Main products of the company: Series of Powdered LAS, HLAS, K12, AOS, DSB, APG and so on, among which series of powdered LAS products dominate the domestic market. In addition, the company is also involved in engineering design, revamp & expansion, technical consulting and service for synthetic detergent spray drying unit and membrane sulfur trioxide sulfonation unit. The company is also able to offer technology of multi-tube and membrane sulfonating reactor which was proprietarily developed by itself and have been commercially applied in production of LAS, HLAS, BLAS, K12, AES and MES.

what is Para-Toluene Sulfonic Acid (PTSA)?

Molecular formula: C7H8O3S
White crystalline powder or powder, soluble in water, alcohol and ether, easily deliquescence, easy to make cotton fabrics, dehydration and carbonization of wood, paper and other carbohydrates, hardly soluble in benzene , toluene and xylene, benzene solvents. Cresol generated when alkali fusion.
The use of PTSA
Widely used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, pesticides and organic synthesis, polymerization stability agent (esters) catalyst. Also used as intermediates for pharmaceuticals, coatings and resin hardener.
Used as a chemical reagent, used in dyes, organic synthesis; used as medicine (such as doxycycline), pesticides (such as trichloro dicofol), dye intermediates. Also used in detergents, plastics, coatings and other.; used in medicine, pesticides, dyes, and detergents, also used in plastics and printing coating.
Ventilation drying, stored separately with alkali
About us
P-Toluene Aulfonic Acid supplier & P-Tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid manufacturer ---Nanjing Jianci Chemical Plant Co.,Ltd found in 1990, is located in Jiangbei Industry Zone of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province.
Our products mainly involve two series: series of Para-Toluenesulfonic Acid and Para-Tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid.
Series of 4-Toluene Aulfonic Acid: P-Toluenesulfonic Acid PTSA, P -Toluene Sulfonic Acid 65% water solution, Sodium P-Toluene Sulfonate, Sodium Xylene Sulphonate and its main raw materials.
series of 4-Tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid: P-Tert-Butyl Benzoic Acid PTBBA, P-Tert-Butyltoluene PTBT and Methyl P-Tert-Butyl Benzoate.
We have conducted sale and service for customers in over 20 provinces and cities over China, as well as USA, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Taiwan etc. with top-quality products, best after-sale service, first-class chemical equipment, first-class manufacturing technology and first-class testing facilities, enjoying a certain reputation in the international market..
Contact us:
Tel: 0086-25-52397803
Cell: 0086-18912955179
Fax: 0086-25-68650010
Email: info@p-toluenesulfonicacid-ptbba.com 
Web:www.p-toluenesulfonicacid-ptbba.com <!--[if gte mso 9]><xml><w:worddocument><w:browserlevel>MicrosoftInternetExplorer4</w:browserlevel><w:displayhorizontaldrawinggridevery>0</w:displayhorizontaldrawinggridevery><w:displayverticaldrawinggridevery>2</w:displayverticaldrawinggridevery><w:documentkind>DocumentNotSpecified</w:documentkind><w:drawinggridverticalspacing>7.8</w:drawinggridverticalspacing><w:view>Normal</w:view><w:compatibility><w:dontgrowautofit/><w:balancesinglebytedoublebytewidth/><w:donotexpandshiftreturn/><w:usefelayout/></w:compatibility><w:zoom>0</w:zoom></w:worddocument></xml><![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]><xml><w:latentstyles deflockedstate="false" defunhidewhenused="true" defsemihidden="true" defqformat="false" defpriority="99" latentstylecount="260" > </w:latentstyles></xml><![endif]-->

February 05 2015


what is P-Tert-Butyltoluene(PTBT)

Synonyms:  Benzene,1-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-4-methyl-;Toluene, p-tert-butyl-;p-tert-Butyltoluene;1-tert-Butyl-4-Methylbenzene;1-Methyl-4-tert-butylbenzene;4-tert-Butyl-1-Methylbenzene;4-Methyl-tert-butylbenzene;Benzene, 1-methyl-4-tert-butyl-;p-Methyl-tert-butylbenzene;TBT;4-t-Butyltoluene;1-(1,1-Dimethylethyl)-4-methyl-benzene;Butyl toluene;Lowinox PTBT;p-t-Butyl toluene.
Keep away from heat, sparks, and flame. Keep away from sources of ignition. Store in a tightly closed container. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area away from incompatible substances. Flammables-area.
Wash thoroughly after handling. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. Ground and bond containers when transferring material. Use spark-proof tools and explosion proof equipment. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. Empty containers retain product residue, (liquid and/or vapor), and can be dangerous. Keep container tightly closed. Avoid contact with heat, sparks and flame. Do not ingest or inhale. Use only in a chemical fume hood. Do not pressurize, cut, weld, braze, solder, drill, grind, or expose empty containers to heat, sparks or open flames.
Eyes: Wear appropriate protective eyeglasses or chemical safety goggles as described by OSHA's eye and face protection regulations in 29 CFR 1910.133 or European Standard EN166. Skin: Wear appropriate protective gloves to prevent skin exposure. Clothing: Wear appropriate protective clothing to prevent skin exposure.
A respiratory protection program that meets OSHA's 29 CFR 1910.134 and ANSI Z88.2 requirements or European Standard EN 149 must be followed whenever workplace conditions warrant a respirator's use.
Small spills/leaks
Absorb spill with inert material, (e.g., dry sand or earth), then place into a chemical waste container. Clean up spills immediately, using the appropriate protective equipment. Remove all sources of ignition. Use a spark-proof tool. Provide ventilation. A vapor suppressing foam may be used to reduce vapors.
Stable at room temperature in closed containers under normal storage and handling conditions.
Oxidizing agents.
Carbon monoxide, irritating and toxic fumes and gases, carbon dioxide.
About us
Nanjing Jianci Chemical Plant Co.,Ltd. is a company dedicated to the manufacture of P-Toluenesulfonic-Acid PTSA & P-Tert-Butyl -Benzoic-Acid PTBBA, established in 1990 with locations in Jiangbei Industry Zone of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, which is near the beautiful Yangtze River. 

Something about Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonic Acid is a largest volume synthetic surfactant because of its relatively low cost, good performance, the fact that it can be dried to a stable powder and the biodegradable environmental friendliness. LAB Sulphonic Acid is an anionic surfactant widely used in formulation of all ranges of Domestic Detergents Powder ,Cake & Dish wash cleaners. Due to its high active matter , miscibility with water and low salt content , it is also used in formulation of Industrial & Household liquid cleaners as well as in numerous industrial applications like as a coupling agent and as an emulsifier for agricultural herbicides and in emulsion polymerization.
Widely applied in washing powder, industrial detergents, liquid dish cleaner. 
Household detergents including laundry powders, laundry liquids, dishwashing liquids and other household cleaners. 
Industrial applications of wetting agent, emulsifier for agricultural herbicides and in polymerization
Appearance is brown oily viscous liquid , is a weak organic acid , dissolved in water , diluted with water to produce heat. Its derivatives have good detergency , wetting , emulsifying ability . Has good biodegradability. Widely used in a wide range of industries detergent, dishwashing detergents and industrial cleaners . Synthetic chemistry.
Can be made of anionic alkylbenzene sulfonate surfactant having a detergency , wetting , foaming, emulsification , dispersion and other properties, for civil and industrial use detergent formulation . Linear alkyl benzene sulfonate and slaked lime (Ca (OH) 2) , and can be made of the excellent performance of the pesticide emulsifier alkyl benzene sulfonate calcium.
About us
Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Co.,Ltd is a high-tech, share-holding enterprise, which is engaged in development, production & business operation, technical service and project design of fine chemicals.
The company is mainly involved in research and production of surfactant and washing chemicals. Is the first to engage in professional development, production, operating a high content of alkylbenzene sulfonate powder products of enterprises, and organized the compilation of domestic enterprise standard of the product. After research over years on LAS branded Carnier, experts have established a reasonable process flow, solved technical difficulties in production and mastered the know-how of product quality control. The product has become well-known for its stable quality and is well sold both at home and abroad.

January 09 2015


what is the hollow glass beads?

When it comes to the glass always think of the glass adornment inside the bedroom, these are indispensable glass device in people's life, but there are some glass is not known as glass. Below is for the glass bead is a kind of what kind of product, glass beads glass ball is not we play as a child, but a kind of new materials with special performance. Particles are generally very small glass beads, has a light weight, low thermal conductivity, high strength and good chemical stability, etc, the surface of the glass beads are through special processing, therefore, has excellent hydrophobic and hydrophilic take advantage of this can be easily dispersed in the organic material in the system.
The various line painted on the zebra crossing, etc are application of glass beads, traffic sign night retroreflecting device and double yellow line is also used glass beads. Will be applied in the aerospace industry is a cleaning work, the use of glass beads to rust removing effect is good, not only but also reduce the destructive for machinery, is the most ideal cleaning materials. According to the structure can be divided into the hollow glass beads, a variety of types such as common glass beads.
The properties of the hollow glass beads and the same as those described above, belongs to the inorganic non-metallic materials, high dispersion, and good liquidity. Hollow glass microspheres have been widely used now, such as applied to artificial marble, the heat insulation coating of glass fiber reinforced plastic products, such as bowling, achieved good effect, especially in the area of relief items heavyweight and heat preservation and heat insulation effect is remarkable.
Hollow glass microspheres (also often called Hollow Glass Bubbles) are sometimes also termed microballoons, have diameters ranging from 10 to 300 micrometers.Hollow glass microspheres also can be called Large Hole Glass Beads are often used as a lightweight filler in composite materials such as syntactic foam and light weight concrete<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml><w:worddocument><w:browserlevel>MicrosoftInternetExplorer4</w:browserlevel><w:displayhorizontaldrawinggridevery>0</w:displayhorizontaldrawinggridevery><w:displayverticaldrawinggridevery>2</w:displayverticaldrawinggridevery><w:documentkind>DocumentNotSpecified</w:documentkind><w:drawinggridverticalspacing>7.8</w:drawinggridverticalspacing><w:view>Normal</w:view><w:compatibility><w:dontgrowautofit/><w:balancesinglebytedoublebytewidth/><w:donotexpandshiftreturn/><w:usefelayout/></w:compatibility><w:zoom>0</w:zoom></w:worddocument></xml><![endif]--><!--[if gte mso 9]><xml><w:latentstyles deflockedstate="false" defunhidewhenused="true" defsemihidden="true" defqformat="false" defpriority="99" latentstylecount="260" > </w:latentstyles></xml><![endif]-->

January 08 2015


The fourth generation of organic silicon products

The fourth generation of organic ](amino modified silicone oil) has become the mainstream of containing silicon softener; amino silicone oil has four important parameters: ammonia value, viscosity, reactivity and granularity. The four basic parameters reflect the quality of amino silicone oil, and will greatly affect the style of the treated fabric. Such as handle, whiteness, light, and to the difficulty of the silicone oil emulsion.
Ammonia value
Properties of the amino silicone oil to give the fabric such as softness, smooth, plump degrees are mostly from amino polymers. Amino content can be represented by ammonia value, it refers to the amino silicone oil and 1 g the number of 1 ml equivalent concentration of hydrochloric acid. Therefore, ammonia value directly and is directly proportional to the mole percentage of the content of amino silicone oil. Amino content is higher, the higher the ammonia value, finish fabric feel more soft, smooth, this is because the amino functional groups increases, the affinity of fabric has greatly increased, a more neat arrangement of molecules, so as to give the fabric feel soft and smooth.
Viscosity is related to the polymer molecular weight and molecular weight distribution. Generally speaking, the greater the viscosity, the higher the molecular weight of the amino silicone oil, in the film on the surface of the fabric, the better, feel more soft, smooth, the better, but its permeability is poor, especially for overtwisted fabrics and fine denier fabric closely, amino silicone oil is difficult to penetrate the fibers, the influence of fabric properties, viscosity is too large will worsen or difficult to make the emulsion stability of microemulsion. Generally not only through to adjust the product viscosity, often by ammonia value and viscosity to balance the performance of the product. Ammonia value usually low, high viscosity is needed, so as to balance the fabric soft performance.
With reactive amino silicone oil, can produce when finishing the crosslinking, and the crosslinking degree rise, will increase the fabric smooth feeling, softness and fullness, especially for more flexibility. General amino silicone oil, of course, when the crosslinking agent or increase the baking conditions, can also increase the crosslinking degree, and thus can improve the springback. Hydroxyl or amino end amino silicone oil, the higher the value of ammonia, the crosslinking degree good, is also the better elasticity.
About us
SILICA GEL supplier----Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd. is primarily engaged in manufacturing silica gel since 2001. Our silica gel manufacturing plant is located in Maanshan with manufacturing capacity of more than 500-MT silica gel per year. We are manufacturing Indicating silica gel & Non-Indicating type of SILICA GEL in all grades such as blue silica gel, orange silica gel and basic silica gel such as type A silica gel , type B silic gel ,type C silica gel and another special silica gel Column chromatography silica gel . We are Chinese manufacturer of silica gel and supplying it across the world. Silica gel manufactured by us is of best quality which is widely used as cat litter, dessicant silica gel in anti-rusting and moisture-proof of product, packaging, drying and separation of gases, the catalyst carrier of petrochemical industry and so on.

December 11 2014


what is calcium carbide?

The physical and chemical properties: solid ore for brown or black patches,
Refinement of colorless crystals (including high CaC2 is purple). 2.22 g/cm3 density, melting point 2000 ℃ (CaC2 content related), with water immediately violent reaction, generate acetylene, and gives off heat, calcium carbide content in different melting point changed also.
Calcium impurities: calcium carbide often contains arsenic (Ca3 As2), calcium phosphide Ca3 (P2), and other impurities, and water at the same time release hydrogen arsenide (AsH3), phosphine (PH3), and other toxic gases, so using produced by calcium carbide acetylene toxic (must be through the thick - H2SO4 and potassium dichromate lotion to remove). Relative density (water = 1) : 2.22
Making acetylene
Reaction principle: CaC2 + 2 h2o = = Ca (OH) 2 + C2H2 write
CaC2 can conduct electricity, the higher the purity, conducting more easily.
Other USES
(1) The calcium carbide to generate acetylene after reaction with water to the synthesis of many organic compounds
For example: synthetic rubber, synthetic resin, acetone, ketene, carbon black, etc.; At the same time a oxygen acetylene flame is widely used for metal welding and cutting.
(2) Heating powdered calcium carbide with nitrogen gas, reaction calcium cyanamide, namely lime nitrogen, heating lime nitrogen and salt of black cyanide for gold mining and non-ferrous metal industry.
(3) The desulfurizer calcium carbide itself can be used in the iron and steel industry.
(4) the production of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the production of PVC by calcium carbide method using calcium carbide, calcium carbide CaC2), the water to generate acetylene (C2H2), acetylene and hydrogen chloride (HCl) synthesis to produce vinyl chloride monomer (CH2CHCl), then through polymerization of vinyl chloride generated polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - [CH CHCI] n - chemical reaction method.
Health hazard
Damage skin and cause itching, inflammation, "bird 's-eye" ulcer, melasma. Skin burns characterized by long, wound healing and chronic ulcer type. Contact workers appear sweat less, damage the enamel, dental caries incidence.
Combustion hazard: this material in wet flammable.
Dangerous characteristic
Dry non-combustible, encounter water or moisture can quickly produce highly flammable acetylene gas, in the air reaches a certain concentration, can happen explosion disasters. Severe reactions can occur with acid substances.
About us
BouLing Chemical Co., Limited was established in the year 1982. Since its birth its name and aim has become synonymous with high quality and services. Covering an area of 1.7 million square meters, the company possesses total assets of about RMB 1 billion and more than 600 employees. Its annual production capacity of main products: 60,000 tons of polyvinyl alcohol(PVOH), 60,000 tons of calcium carbide, 90,000 tons of vinyl acetate, and 100,000 tons of polyvinyl alcohol fiber including Water Soluble PVA Fiber, High Strength & Modulus PVA Fiber. Among those, the leading product polyvinyl alcohol has won the only National Best Silver Medal Award of similar products.

The advantage of filling hollow bead

Hollow beads as the glass filled a, also occupy a certain market share in the market. In nowadays under the condition of all kinds of filling materials dripping wet markets, what is the fill hollow beads in the market for a long time and unbeaten? Let's take a look at the advantage of the hollow beads filled, maybe you will understand.
As a spherical particle, hollow beads filling used in the paint, paint has the following advantages:
1. The dosage of resin/add less amount of potential: because in any shape, spherical with a minimum of specific surface area, also have the fewest demand of resin of hollow bead filled in. The accumulation of particles situation has been improved. Hollow beads filled the wide particle size distribution makes the small ball is able to fill in the space between the big microspheres. The result... In fact is: high addition amount and high solid content, low VOC and reducing the amount of other ingredients;
2. Low viscosity/improve liquidity: with irregular shape particles, filling hollow beads are easy to scroll between each other. It makes use of cenosphere system has low viscosity, good fluidity. And the system of spraying can be also improved;
3. Hardness/wear resistance: hollow beads filling is a kind of high strength, and hard microspheres, it can enhance the hardness of coatings, scrubbing resistance and abrasion resistance;
4. Excellent heat insulation effect: because of Hollow glass microspheres filled hollow sphere structure that makes it fills in the coating has excellent thermal insulation effect;
5. Luster control: as a kind of filler, the role of hollow bead filled can reduce gloss, used to control, even in addition amount under the condition of the demand is higher, they can also eliminate the matting agent like ordinary easy to cause the increase in viscosity, and the cost is low;
6. The inertia: hollow beads filling is composed of inert ingredients, thus has excellent durability, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance;
7. Opacity: hollow beads filling up the hollow spherical slow fire and scattering light, the result is to increase the coating of hiding power;
8. Dispersion: fill the hollow beads scattered as mineral filler, as a result of hollow bead filled thick wall and high compressive strength, it can bear all kinds of mixer, extruding machine and mould machine machining process;
9. No crystalline silicon pollution: unlike other packing, filling hollow beads in crystalline silicon content below the level of no harm. Such cenosphere is seen as a carcinogen, also do not need special hazard warning sign.

November 18 2014


Silica Gel For Variable Pressure Absorption

PSA adsorbent used are : silica gel, activated alumina , activated carbon, zeolite , etc., in addition to a composition for the selective adsorption of an adsorbent material and developed . Gas Separation success largely depends on the performance of the adsorbent , so choose the adsorbent adsorption operation is to determine the most important issue .
Silica gel is a hard, amorphous chain and mesh structure silicate polymer particles, formula for SiO2. NH2O, as a kind of hydrophilic polar adsorbent. It is treated with sulfuric acid aqueous solution of sodium silicate, the gel, and drying after washing to remove sodium sulfate, it gets a glassy silica gel, it is mainly used for drying and separation of the mixture of gas and oil components, etc. Industrial use of silica gel is divided into two kinds of coarse and fine holes. Coarse silica gel in the saturated condition, the relative humidity above 80% by weight of the adsorbent on the adsorption quantity, and under the condition of low humidity, adsorption capacity is much lower than pore silica gel.
Activated alumina is made from aluminium hydrate heating dehydration, it depends on the nature of the original structure of hydroxide, are generally not pure Al2O3, but part of the hydration of amorphous material, porous structure, which not only has amorphous gel and hydroxide crystal. Due to its capillary channel with high surface activity, so it is also called activated alumina. It has the strong affinity to water, is a kind of adsorbent on the depth of trace water dry. In some operating conditions, its dry depth of dew point - below 70 ℃.
PSA is a gas separation and purification of high-tech , silicone PSA is mainly used for the recovery of carbon dioxide gas , separation and purification, for the ammonia industry , food and beverage processing industry , etc. Preparation of carbon dioxide, can also be used for drying , moisture and dehydration of organic products refined so on.
Silica Gel For Variable Pressure Absorption is for a pressure swing adsorption gas separation technology research and development of special adsorbent , the adsorbent by a special production process , control of pore size distribution and pore adsorbent volume , changing the surface physical and chemical properties of the adsorbent , it adsorption capacity, adsorption, decarbonization speed, adsorption selectivity, the characteristics of high separation factor packaging and specifications can be customized according to user needs . The specific surface area of silica is very important.
Appearance light yellow , transparent or translucent glassy particles.
Chemical molecules are : mSiO2nH2O, with the A -type silica gel ( pore silica ) are similar, but selective adsorption capacity and a number of indicators are far more than A-type silicone .
Size :1-3MM ,2-4MM ,3-5MM ,4-8MM
About us
SILICA GEL supplier----Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd. is primarily engaged in manufacturing silica gel since 2001. Our silica gel manufacturing plant is located in Maanshan with manufacturing capacity of more than 500-MT silica gel per year. We are manufacturing Indicating silica gel & Non-Indicating type of SILICA GEL in all grades such as blue silica gel, orange silica gel and basic silica gel such as type A silica gel , type B silic gel ,type C silica gel and another special silica gel Column chromatography silica gel . We are Chinese manufacturer of silica gel and supplying it across the world. Silica gel manufactured by us is of best quality which is widely used as cat litter, dessicant silica gel in anti-rusting and moisture-proof of product, packaging, drying and separation of gases, the catalyst carrier of petrochemical industry and so on.

Way out of the glass beads and reflective glass beads

Glass beads is a product of the birth of lately, but it with high strength, stable chemical property, quickly won people's strong approval. Its main features: the organic modification) (hydrophilic surface; Heat insulation, sound insulation, insulation, bibulous rate is low; High dispersion, and good liquidity; The proportion of light volume. So he quickly put into thermal insulation coatings, application in marble, bowling gained the good heat preservation and heat insulation effect.
Production technology of glass beads should pay attention to the details of the accurate assurance: production of glass beads must first choice of raw materials, the quality of raw materials after decided the quality of the produced glass beads; And then there is the shattering of the glass sand, according to the size of the particle size, crushed into homogeneous medium glass sand, in order to fire, save manpower material resources; And then fired. To use its own production of sintering furnace, the gas temperature control to 1200 degrees, can blanking fire, fire at the same time also check hardness quality. The screening, mixing, packaging, export.
Now for the safe use of the specific introduce you to a reflective glass beads, coating resistance to improve pavement performance, improve the driver driving safety at night. Products are mainly divided into the following three categories:
The first type, coating glass beads is in the process of production on the bead surface plating materials, to enhance its self-cleaning, dirt, moisture resistance. In the severe weather conditions, marking reflective effect also can work well.
Mixed type of glass beads in the second, is using spherical reflective properties of glass beads, under the light irradiation parallel reflected light, help the driver well tell direction.
The third type, surface glass beads is spreading quantitative of the surface of the glass beads in line, glass microsphere, the role of its own gravity, dive into reticule coating part, instant enhancement effect of reflective road signs.
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Glass Microspheres supplier--Nanjing Jianzun Glass Microsphere Plant Co.,Ltd was established in 2000,located in Jiangsu province, specializing in the production of all kinds of Glass Microspheres also called Glass Microbeads or Glass Bubbles, solid glass microspheres, hollow glass microspheres which is widely used in paint, plastics, artificial marble , synthetic foam board and explosive and so on.

October 31 2014


The wide application of glass microspheres

Due to the unique advantages of glass beads, glass beads are mainly used in the following aspects:
1, Road Marking Glass Microspheres Main application interesting type and type hot melt road marking paint. Divide into two kinds, premixed and surface and premixed type glass beads can be in the production of hot melt type when the road coating mix in the paint, can ensure long-term reflective road marking in the life period. Another available in road marking construction over marking a instant reflection effect on the surface. After surface treatment of coated glass beads, used in road marking construction, and can greatly increase the glass beads with hot melt marking of adhesion, enhance road marking the refractive index, and have since used clean dirt, moisture resistance, etc. Road with glass beads coating resistance to improve pavement performance, improve the security of the driver at night.
2, glass beads in medical equipment and nylon, rubber, engineering plastics, aviation and so on various fields as a new kind of material has been widely used. Such as add agent, strengthening agent, etc.
3, arts and crafts glass bead, glass sand and colored glass beads, garment printing, garment pyrograph, surface decoration, artificial Christmas tree fruit, artificial flowers products surface decoration, the manufacture hourglass quicksand ideal!
4, used in industrial blasting and additive effect of the surface of the glass beads can be in metal and die surface, does not damage the workpiece surface, and improve the precision of the workpiece. Used for metal, plastic, metal jewelry, precision casting, such as cleaning and polishing of the object. Is widely used at home and abroad of high-grade finishing materials.
5, high refractive index glass beads is reflective fabric, reflective coatings, chemical coatings, advertising materials, clothing materials, reflective film, reflective fabric, reflective sign identification, airport runway, shoes and hats, bags, with both life-saving supplies, nocturnal staff wearing required materials and other products
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Glass Microspheres: supplier - a working Jianzun Glass Microsphere Plant Co., Ltd was established in 2000, located in Jiangsu province, specializing in the production of all kinds of Glass Microspheres also called Glass Microbeads or Glass Bubbles, solid Glass Microspheres, hollow Glass Microspheres which is widely, informs in paint, plastics, artificial marble, synthetic terms board and explosive and so on.
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More Use about Hydrazine Hydrate

Hydrazine Hydrate as Fuel cells
Hydrazine hydrate can be used as an alternative to hydrogen in fuel cells. The chief benefit of using hydrazine hydrate is that it can produce over 200 mW/cm2 more than a similar hydrogen cell without the need to use expensive platinum catalysts. As the fuel, it is liquid at room temperature, it can be handled and stored more easily than hydrogen. By storing the hydrazine hydrate in a tank full of a double-bonded carbon-oxygen carbonyl, the fuel reacts and forms a safe solid called hydrazone. By then flushing the tank with warm water, the liquid hydrazine hydrate is released. Hydrazine hydrate has a higher electromotive force of 1.56 V compared to 1.23 V for hydrogen. Hydrazine hydrate breaks down in the cell to form nitrogen and hydrogen which bonds with oxygen, releasing water.

Hydrazine Hydrate as Gun Propellant
A mixture of 63% Hydrazine Hydrate, 32% Hydrazine Nitrate and 5% water can be used as a standard propellant for experimental bulk-loaded liquid propellant artillery. It is notable that the propellant mixture above should for being one of the most predictable and stable, with a remarkably flat pressure profile during firing. inadequate ignition usually cause misfires. The movement of the shell after a misignition causes a large bubble with a larger ignition surface area, and the greater rate of gas production causes very high pressures, sometimes including catastrophic tube failures, that's always explosions.

If you want buy hydrazine hydrate, come to our company. We supply high quality hydrazine hydrate.

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Our Zhuzhou Chengye Jiutong Industry Co., Ltd is a professional hydrazine hydrate supplier who has been in this field for nearly 9 years. We offer flexible payment terms for our dear customers. Our hydrazine hydrate has received ISO certificates. CHENGYE JIUTONG's mission is to become the most reliable and valuable hydrazine hydrate supplier of China which includes helping our clients reduce 30-50% purchasing cost by direct hydrazine hydrate supply from our factories.

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September 12 2014


what is copolymer resin?

copolymer resin is a high molecular weight copolymer of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate. It is supplied as a powder.including UMOH Vinyl Resin,UM50 Vinyl Resin,UMCH Vinyl Resin and so on.
1 , color ink : With the PV C product usage is increasing, for the printing pV C and colored ink products, demand is also increasing , according to statistics vinegar chloride copolymer resin products in the amount of ink over 60% of total amount
2 Tape Adhesives: containing carboxyl group or a chlorine -containing vinegar through terpolymer resin powder has good dispersion, good liquidity and processed products , good dimensional stability ( high simulation fidelity ) it prepared tapes, tapes , magnetic cards and other high-tech equipment products , good quality.
3 plastic floor : Chlorine vinegar copolymer resin production floor tiles with low melt viscosity , good flexibility, ideal flexural strength and a certain degree of chemical resistance , can accept a lot of filler ,
4 leather brightener : vinegar chlorine -containing copolymer resin is dissolved in a solvent cyclohexanone , as a leather treatment , both to protect the leather effect , but also make the leather shiny.
5 , coating: vinegar chloride copolymer resin as unique excellent performance , can be used with different specifications , different properties and uses of paint . Such as rust , shipbuilding paint, fire retardant paint , car paint , etc. These paints have excellent weather resistance, salt water and chemical resistance , and resistance to oil , alcohols and other solvents performance.

The market of copolymer resin
Recent domestic copolymer resin little change in the overall market supply and demand fundamentals , the current demand, previous price spikes at the same time constantly , appropriate stocking downstream firms also face more intense resentment current high prices , turnover is also increasingly go short , copolymer resin prices should return to rational consolidation or moderately reasonable callback. But at the cost , futures , driven by market trends seem somewhat from the fundamentals . Currently copolymer resin producers to maintain high quotes refused to relax, brokers offer continuous follow up , due to the good expectations of future economic market there is an atmosphere of speculation , supported by funds futures market innovative high . Positive support so bad , short-term copolymer resin market prices were still running high.
NANJING SHANGREN CHEMICAL INDUSTRIAL CO.LTD as Top copolymer resin supplier,established in 1984, it has over 40 years of history.
Through self-development as well as cooperate with other major institutions, we obtained advanced technology. Using advanced production technology and scientific management methods, we have a complete set of quality assurance system, passed the ISO9001: 2000 in 2003. We never bring loss to customers since we founded more than thirty years, and our quality has always been maintained stable.
Our vinyl resin products can replace DOW SVR series, such as DOW's VAGH, VMCH, VYHH, VYHD resin etc. Mainly used in metal, wood, PET film, plastic, paper, leather, concrete, transparent and colored coatings, and other materials. Our company can produce polymerization and different components vinyl resin with different degree according to customer's requirements. With best quality, reasonable price and excellent service, our company would like to create brilliant achievement together with customers and agents. Thanks for all domestic and overseas customers for your support.

what is Molecular sieve?

Molecular sieve is composed of aluminum silicate salt mine, also have a mixture of synthetic or compounds. These compounds with open structure allows the small molecules to spread, such as clay, porous glass, porous charcoal, activated carbon, etc.
Molecular sieves are often applied to the oil industry, especially used for purification of gases. For example available silica gel adsorption gas mercury in corrosion of aluminum pipe and other liquid equipment.
Molecular sieve regeneration methods include transform pressure in oxygen concentrator, when used for ethanol dehydration can also be the carrier heating and cleaning.
Drying technology
Microwave drying technology has solved the traditional drying molecular sieve in the drying speed is slow, energy loss is big, the poor quality of products, the specific performance in:
1, the microwave drying molecular sieve speed, usually a few minutes to achieve microwave drying;
Evenly 2, microwave drying, molecular sieve and the depth of the dry, good product quality;
3, static dry, don't burn with little dust;
4, non-contact and dry, avoid the pollution of the molecular sieve;
5 molecular sieve, microwave drying process safety, energy saving, environmental protection using electricity, internal and external drying at the same time, over 50% of energy than heating drying;
6, shorten the production cycle, greatly reduce the production flow capital takes up;
7, microwave drying equipment box body temperature below 40 ℃, improve workers' working environment;
8, equipment operation simple and convenient
5 a molecular sieve adsorption is less than the diameter of any molecule, generally called calcium molecular sieve. It besides 3 a, 4 a molecular sieve of efficacy, but also adsorption C3, C4 and corresponding normal alkanes was ethyl chloride, bromine ethane, butyl alcohol, etc., can be applied to are heterogeneous hydrocarbon separation, pressure swing adsorption separation and total absorption of water and carbon dioxide.
About us
Silica gel supplier----Fenglong Chemical Co., Ltd. is primarily engaged in manufacturing silica gel since 2001. We are manufacturing Indicating silica gel & Non-Indicating type of SILICA GEL in all grades such as blue silica gel, orange silica gel and basic silica gel such as type A silica gel , type B silica gel ,type C silica gel and another special silica gel Column chromatography silica gel . We are Chinese manufacturer of silica gel and supplying it across the world. Silica gel manufactured by us is of best quality which is widely used as cat litter, desiccant silica gel in anti-rusting and moisture-proof of product, packaging, drying and separation of gases, the catalyst carrier of petrochemical industry and so on.

August 29 2014


The use of silicone products

Desiccant silica gel  moisture permeability is small bag packaging of different varieties of silica gel, the main raw material high silica gel is a kind of micro pore structure of hydrated silica, non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, stable chemical properties, with a strong moisture absorption performance, is a highly active adsorption material. Usually is to use sodium silicate and sulfuric acid reaction, and the aging, acid soak and a series of post-processing process and system.
Medicine, machinery, optical electronics, precision instruments, meters, seeds, processed food, tea, all kinds of chemical fiber textile, leather shoes, leather, shoes, and cultural relic archives, cameras, arts and crafts, such as all items need to moistureproof mildew, application is very extensive. Specify the following
1, silica gel desiccant can be used for bottled medical, food, moistureproof. To ensure that the content items dry, to prevent the growth of a variety of miscellaneous mold.
2, silica gel desiccant can be used as a general packaging desiccant. Such as bags, clothing, shoes and hats, leather, etc., to prevent the goods due to be affected with damp be affected with damp during storage or transportation affect the quality of the product.
3, silica gel desiccant can be conveniently placed in the electronic products, instruments and meters, household appliances, mechanical equipment, and other products, to prevent the goods because of be affected with damp be affected with damp and affect the quality of the product.
4, silica gel desiccant can be placed in the transport of the container, and prevent the formation of container rain.
5, silica gel desiccant is most suited to the moisture absorption of the environment for the room temperature (20 ~ 32 ℃), high temperature (60 ~ 90 ℃), it can reduce the environmental relative humidity around 40%, so the desiccant application scope is very broad.
Make environmental relative humidity is reduced to about 40%, so the desiccant application range is very wide.
Cat litter silica  is a highly active adsorption material, usually is to use sodium silicate and sulfuric acid reaction, and the aging, acid soak and a series of post-processing process and system. Silica gel is amorphous material; its chemical formula is mSiO2. NH2o. Insoluble in water and any solvents, non-toxic tasteless, stable chemical properties, in addition to the strong alkali, hydrofluoric acid does not react with any material.
Product features
1, adsorption ability, absorption speed.
2, easy to use, less waste, easy to clean.
3, consumption saving, and the economy.
4, the use of safe, green environmental protection product.
5, beautiful and easy, easy to accepted by pet.
6, to eliminate dust, make no dust around the floor.
7, more health, inhibit bacteria growth, make the environment more health.
8, deodorant, strong by absorbing moisture in the form of to prevent the spread of the smell

what is Hydrazine Hydrate?

Hydrazine Hydrate  law has clean, atmospheric pressure, the treatment is simple , conversion rate and other characteristics, its yield and catalytic hydrogenation quite , but does not restore the cyano nitro molecules , but the amount of hydrazine hydrate is not the case reduction of azo group ; especially suitable for the multi-purpose batch reactor pressure low-volume production of fine chemical products . In recent years, as people's awareness of ecological and economic growing, hydrazine hydrate catalytic reduction of nitro compounds become a research focus, focus of the study focused on inexpensive, reusable catalyst development, the impact on the molecular structure of nitro reduction reaction and so on.
The influence of the catalyst
Hydrazine hydrate 55% reduction using the catalyst at the beginning of the study mainly for precious metals (Pt, Pd, Ru, Ni, etc.). The study found that the Raney Ni is better than Pd/C catalyst effect; And adding trace Raney Ni Pt dramatically improve catalytic effect, shorten the reduction reaction time.
Because precious metals prices high, people turned to cheap as hydrazine hydrate reduction catalyst such as iron compounds. Line at Westminster, etc to nitrotolueneas reactants, system to study the different forms of iron oxide influencing on the yield of reduction reaction, the result shows that in six kinds of iron oxides, beta iron hydroxide oxygen catalytic effect is best, in the catalyst dosage of 10 g/mol, nitro conditions, also from a rate of 93.2%; Followed by goethite, the yield of 55.2%.
The influence of the reaction system
Can be used when hydrazine hydrate reduction water medium, and organic solvent medium can be applied. But not in chloroform, acetone, ethyl acetate and other organic solvents.
Due to solvent to influence the surface state of the catalyst, which affect the activity of the catalyst, therefore solvent in hydrazine hydrate catalytic reduction reaction has a certain degree of influence.
According to market analysts hydrazine hydrate statistics, in 2013 the domestic market of hydrazine hydrate still mixed, although in the short term prices strong, but with the release of new capacity or promotion enterprise's work load, the market supply once recovery, hydrazine hydrate prices will inevitably fall into channel. So companies in price increases at the same time, should also be rational analysis of the supply and demand of the market supply of goods.

July 25 2014


what is PVA water soluble film?

PVA water soluble film , a new type of green packaging materials fidelity printing with water degradation and biodegradation of double features , can be completely degraded to carbon dioxide and water , is a true high-tech environmentally friendly products , has a broad and unique use in the flexible packaging .
The characteristics of water soluble PVA film
Environmental performance
Water soluble PVA film belongs to the green environmental protection packing material high fidelity printing, in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries and regions are recognised by the government department of environmental protection. Water soluble PVA film of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) and starch is the main raw material, its all components (including additives) for C, H, O compounds, non-toxic harmless. In the process of the membrane, only physical reaction between components, its mechanical properties, process performance and water-soluble get certain improvement; But don't react label, so its chemical properties will not change.
Water degradation and the dual characteristics of biodegradation, the gel after soluble in water can form liquid infiltration in the soil, increase soil mass of sticky, permeability and water retention, therefore particularly suitable for sandy soil; Dissolved in the soil of PVA and is broken down by bacteria strains, the final degradation for digital printing, carbon dioxide and water degradation rate can reach 100%, so it can thoroughly solve the problem of packaging waste processing. 
Water soluble
Water soluble water soluble PVA film with its thickness and environmental temperature. Market at home and abroad mainly production and sale of water soluble PVA film has high temperature and low temperature type two kinds, high temperature water soluble PVA film completely insoluble under 40 ℃, and above 80 ℃ is completely dissolved. At present, the domestic has developed the adjustment method of water soluble PVA film water-soluble, under the condition of the water temperature constant sun chemical, the water soluble time can be adjusted in 10 ~ 50 s, the accuracy of + / - 5 s, at present this technology has obtained national invention patent.

Comprehensive analysis of vinyl resin

Vinyl ester resin is an epoxy resin and acrylic acid and derivatives thereof formed by the reaction of the resin . The process performance and unsaturated polyester resins similar chemical structure similar to the epoxy resin . Vinyl ester resins are corrosion resistance, heat resistance , excellent fatigue resistance , has been widely used for corrosion tanks , pipes, towers, tanks , control , linings, floor , chimney , flue gas desulfurization, gas filters , etc., and applications more widely.
The characteristics of chlorine vinegar resin is as follows:
1. Completely dissolved in organic solvents such as ketones and esters. Solubility is very good, with high toughness and corrosion resistance of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate strong viscosity and plasticity.
2. The resin coated tasteless, odorless and transparent.
3. High chemical stability, and is not affected by acid and alkali.
4. The wave resistance is wonderful.
5. It is not easy and no fuel.
6. The thermoplastic resin make it easy to heat sealing coating. Modified hydroxyl resin can make the paint has the characteristics of quick drying.
7. The compatibility is strong, can with other coating resin such as alkyd resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, melamine resin and polyurethane compatible. Improve the performance of coatings, such as adhesion. Toughness. The hardness and chemical resistance.
8. The organic pigments such as magnet powder and inorganic pigments such as azo dye has good dispersion.
9. Resin containing hydroxyl and carboxyl, the characteristics can be improved by bridging agents, such as isocyanate. Hydroxy functional group can make resin and cross-linked thermosetting resin in order to obtain remarkable chemical resistance (alcohol resistance and water resistance.

Vinegar chloride copolymer resin used for preparing the following four methods : the suspension polymerization, solution polymerization, emulsion polymerization and alcoholysis River . Wherein the suspension polymerization is the most important methods of production.
Vinyl resin is a thermosetting liquid resin with excellent mechanical properties of epoxy resins and unsaturated polyester, easy processing, fast curing and other characteristics; and the acid on the performance is far superior to the general unsaturated epoxy polyester resins; because vinyl resin with high strength and fatigue resistance, making the vinyl resin can be widely used in flooring, pipe fittings, marine, automotive and hoppers lined with corrosion.
The impact of vinyl resin market
A country FPR industrial level of quality and performance, in a sense, the use of vinyl resin can be used to express the amount. In developed countries, vinyl resin wide range of applications , in addition to our domestic common outside corrosion engineering , and even onyx bathtub vinyl resins are produced , and of course travel so the field. Although in recent years the market of vinyl with extraordinary speed rapid development , however, from more than one million tons of unsaturated resin in terms of the total market volume , the total amount of vinyl resins and applications is still very, very limited, which largely restricted FPR improvement of product performance .
In China, Vinyl resin application is greatly limited, mainly in terms of the relative unsaturated polyester resin; vinyl resin’s price is too high. Due to the current large scale production on several vinyl resins, unsaturated resin ordinary gross margin is generally 300-800 Yuan, while the majority of Maori vinyl resin is basically the number of times or even more. This creates a monopoly of the market has been invisible , making the downstream market only in the non -use is not a situation of helplessness was compelled to choose vinyl resins, vinyl resins thus greatly limiting the expansion of the market .
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